Timeless Treasures of Jewish History in Warsaw

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⭐Visit the remaining Jewish sites, such as the Nożyk Synagogue, the last standing pre-war synagogue in Warsaw.
⭐Discover the remnants of the Warsaw Ghetto, where over 400,000 Jews were imprisoned.
⭐Explore the history of the Jewish community in Warsaw before, during, and after World War II.
⭐Hear stories of resistance and bravery during the war, including the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.
⭐Learn about the famous Jewish figures who contributed to the city’s culture and society.
⭐Understand the impact of the Holocaust on Warsaw’s Jewish population.
⭐Experience the Jewish heritage and traditions that still exist in modern-day Warsaw.

🕑 Duration: 2h

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Warsaw’s Jewish community was once second in size only to New York’s before World War II. Recognizing the significance of Warsaw’s Jewish culture helps us comprehend the enormous loss that transformed the city. Despite tales of destruction, there are also stories of incredible bravery from those who fought with little hope. With a local guide, our Jewish Warsaw Tour examines the city’s history from a unique perspective.