How to be the “cool guy/girl” on Warsaw Pub Crawl?

As people – it’s unavoidable for us to get in different inter-social situations every day.

It’s always good to show yourself from the best side and not be the guy – that when approaching everybody, exchange “those” looks between themselves and say they have something ultra-important to do and need to get going. Especially when you’re abroad in a different country:)

Working as a guide for Warsaw Pub Crawl over 2 years I’ve met dozens of different people from different cultures and countries. And nevertheless where you are from or where you are at the moment – almost always the same rules apply for everyone in a diversified group.

You can always spot those people that others instantly like and have a great time with. And it doesn’t really matter if there are 5, 50 or 100 people on the crawl. It’s also not about being the guy that drags everybody’s attention, is the loudest – a real wild card in the group. It’s about being a truly likeable person. 

So what all those people have in common and why every party with them is so awesome and memorable?

Here are my 6 observations of highly likeable people on Pub Crawl and how to achieve it.

  1. It’s always about the attitude you come with. When you come with a big and warm smile and you’re happy to meet new people – you will get the same. People will be happy to have you and instantly welcome you in a group as a very important part of it.

When you have ultra-high expectations that you paid 15 Eur and should be treated like VIP that bough a bottle for 1000 Eur in a club -then  well, let’s get back to earth:)

  1. Don’t judge others by their appearance. You see guys that you think you might not like or a girl that is not attractive to you? Did you actually met them and talked with them? They can be the most awesome people you’ve meet as friends. Trust me – judgement by first sight in most cases is very miss appealing. Be curious about the people you’ve met. They are here, so that’s at least one major point why they might be awesome – they are travellers and want to see the world just like you.
  1. Small group = not fun. This is one of the worst misconceptions you can have. Small groups have this advantage that you can meet the people and get to know them. And thats when the real party starts.

Also, I’ve heard so many stories from other guides that someone came to a crawl, was having a chat with the guide while waiting for other people to join just to see how they turned back cause “the group was so small and nothing was happening”. Later that person had a private tour with the guide that had taken him to his friends and place they would never visit during a normal crawl. A real local experience. I personally invited a small 5 people group to make a bonfire after the “official” tour at the riverside and later invited everyone to my place.

Be happy that you can be part of any group – either small or big, every option has its benefits:)

  1. Maybe it might not come so natural for you but just talk with others. People love courageous individuals (especially girls) and some might be very grateful that you made the first step that they couldn’t do. Besides, you will have a great time jumping into conversations and will feel more comfortable throughout the evening. And believe me – it’s not so hard when you are in a group that is alike with the same goal and interests for the evening:)
  1. Don’t be the drunk-head that is only seen next to the bar during the power hour. Get a drink, roam around, engage some games, have a chat with someone – you won’t be drinking so much and still have a great time. If it’s a small group you can ask the guide what’s the best deal at the bar and maybe invite everyone for a shot instead of drinking them alone.
  1. And most important – you make the party like everyone else. If you will have fun, others will also. It’s a chain reaction and everybody needs to be engaged. It’s not that the party will grab you and pull inside of it when you are not in the mood. Just have fun without any expectations. Not every party is epic. Even when I go out with my best friends sometimes we end up bored in a lazy bar cause no one was brave enough to take matters into his own hands. When you see others are not having fun – step in and go wild:)

We, as guides on Warsaw Pub Crawl, meet regularly and think of activities, games and ideas that can make the evening awesome each time but the most important factor is always you – the crawlers that join. So join happy, sober and not hungry and everything will be perfect!