Hoppy Trails Craft Beer Tour in Warsaw

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⭐Join a tour guided by a craft beer enthusiast
⭐Discover the world of craft beer during a 2.5-hour evening tasting tour
⭐Explore 3 top-rated venues that cater to craft beer lovers
⭐Savor up to 10 distinct varieties of Polish craft beer
⭐Attend a Craft Beer 101 class and learn about the main ingredients and beer styles
⭐Enjoy delicious snacks that complement the beer tasting experience.

🕑 Duration: 2,5h

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Get ready to fall in love with craft beer in Warsaw! The city has recently undergone a beer revolution, with over 25 multi-tap bars specializing in craft beer. And with microbreweries popping up left and right, it’s no wonder that craft beer is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite.

Don’t miss out on the chance to try some of the best local craft beers during your stay in Warsaw! Our craft beer guru will lead you on a tour of four different bars, each with its own unique selection of smoky stouts, hoppy IPAs, dark porters, and other rich ales and lagers from all over Poland.

But that’s not all – our English-speaking guide will also regale you with stories of Warsaw’s brewing tradition. Each bar boasts an impressive selection of craft beer on tap, as well as cold international beers straight from the fridge!

So join us for a tasting adventure and discover some of the best craft beer pubs the city has to offer. Na zdrowie (Cheers) to an unforgettable experience!