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The parties back then were not organised but for sure had the passion required for people to fall in love with the Polish capital!

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We've been awarded with the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for few years now and it's all thanks to our lovely party guides!

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We are actively engaged in the local nightlife as well as general tourism helping out travellers with fun itineraries for any occasion!


Our founder was a hostel receptionist. Pretty much after every shift he had, he was taking out the guests to a few local bars and clubs. Kamil had friends here and there and it always felt like everyone was welcomed. One night on a 3rd night in a row, an American dude took Kamil on a side and told him “bro.., this things that you are doing here is actually called a Pub Crawl” and then BOOM – it opened his eyes! He bought himself one way ticket to Rome and was a pub crawl guide for 6 months there getting organizational experience from the older staff members and at the same time collecting some crazy ass stories and memories during the pub crawls. After he was back in Warsaw, it turned out there was no pub crawl in Warsaw at all so he decided to start one. Unfortunately, the beginnings were hard with only few people joining every now and then. Soon enough, he recruited few cool personalities and together they developed a concepted that worked. Now we can say that we are a well-established company with amazing and well-trained party guides, maintaining deep relationship with local accommodation providers and other tour operators. Now, the next chapter starts here with you! If you got to this point of the text – we are really really greateful and can’t wait to host you at one of our parties! Na zdrowie! 

We are local tour operator focused on the day and nightlife activities. Currently operating in 5 polish cities, offering different types of services depending on a budget and interest of the incoming international travelers. We have been organizing tours since 2011, having the local knowledge of the best places to see and amazing ways to experience the night! We have just joined GetYourGuide marketplace recently to help more and more travelers who come to Poland, wanting to enjoy their trip to the fullest! You are more than welcome to check our reviews from TripAdvisor and if you have any questions, we will be glad to make sure you get the most of your trip to Poland! 


Wlada Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw


This one is the party starter! You can't go wrong if you are at the crawl with Wlada! She's here, there, here and there and it doesn't really matter what you think is the right way to party but you will party your way up to the levels you haven't know before! Get ready for a night full of surprises and unexcepted turns of events 😉 These ones though will be the cool ones and you will be thanking her for making your night out in Warsaw one of the best ones !


Having lived most of my life in and around bars I'm a seasoned drinker. I learned the sacred art of pub crawling in England, where I spent 12 years of my life. From beer all the way to fancy ass cocktails (Negronis and Old Fashioneds being my favourites) I always have something to recommend. That is not shying away from the classic Polish style straight clean vodka with gherkins or pickled herring... Simply divine! I'll make sure the pubcrawl will be a night to remember... If you can handle the drink 😉 Apart of being a guide I perform at various stand-up comedy nights around Poland.


Coming for our Pub Crawl on a night out with Adriane is definitely an experience. You will be infected with her smile, positive energy and for sure pick up some insights about other cultures as it is her speciality. Shake your boom boom and prepare to lose with her in brazilian rythms dance-off which is not the only game you will be challenged as she is known for being the top scorer at our Flip Cups tournaments!


He firstly started organizing Pub Crawls in Warsaw back in 2011 just when he discovered it's idea during his work in one of local hostels. Pub Crawl that he founded was the first one professionaly organized in Warsaw. After that he bought himself one way ticket to Rome and got crawling experience there and in other cities like Amsterdam, London and this year in Lisbon. "Pub Crawl for life" his tattoo says... the one he will get in the near future 😉


When it comes to the party, you know where to find me.. otherwise check that dance floor! Prefered music: latino ❤ My life is busy and complicated, I miss free time and sometimes I forget to eat but for a party I will always find some time! I study and I know that one day I will end up in big corporation but untill I'm young, wild and can drink litres of vodka I want to take from my life as much as possible.


He's not the youngest member of our team anymore, but definitely makes him one of the most experienced guides who will be showing you not only the local nightlife during the Pub Crawl but will also be your Vodka Expert at our Vodka Tastings. In his free time he's cheering up his mates in the financial university and besides that he is the one to take care of the finances in our company! This party animal is going to show you Varsovian nightlife with a great pleasure!

Simon Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw



David Party Guide Warsaw


Matt Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw


Magda Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw


Ola Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw





Janek Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw


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Kuba Party Guide Warsaw at the Pub Crawl Warsaw